Notes:  Analysis figures were obtained from databases of the Department of Agriculture.  To enable meaningful comparison, all analysis figures were converted into “3-part” i.e. The 2-part nutrient’s analysis figures were divided by 2 then tripled. GreenDream’s analysis figures were tripled.  Note that for the 3-part nutrient there is no separate Grow and Bloom formulation, hence the same set of figures occurs on both graphs.

How to compare the nutrient balance of 1, 2 & 3-parts

Label analysis figures for 2 & 3-part nutrients are usually based upon the concentration of nutrients in the individual packs. Therefore, for example, in order to make a meaningful comparison between a 2-part and 1-part nutrient, it is necessary to first double the figures quoted on the 1-part**. This ensures we are comparing the contents of equal volumes e.g. 2 x 1L bottles of the 1-part with 2 x 1L bottles (’A’ and ‘B’) of the 2-part.  To compare a 1-part with a 3-part, we would firstly ‘triple’ the 1-part figures. Further, to compare a 2-part with a 3-part, we must first halve the 2-part figures before multiplying them by 3.

Using GreenDream’s “Guaranteed Analysis” specification, we have produced “Chart 1”. This shows GreenDream’s figures (of macro-nutrients) converted to enable meaningful comparison with either a 2-part or 3-part. How does GreenDream compare with your regular choice of nutrient?

** Trace elements are often excluded on nutrient labels due to ‘guaranteed minimum’ thresholds imposed by certain jurisdictions.